Drawing with paint

So, obviously, I am a little obsessed right now with these paints. Have I even said what kind they are???

They are Pebeo brand glass paints. Pebeo Fantasy Moon, Pebeo Prism and Pebeo Vitrail to be exact. The black is also Pebeo. It’s their liquid leading. It also comes in silver, white, and glitter. I have those too, I just haven’t played with them too much. Yet. Hahaha. It will happen. Soon.

In this painting, I tried a different technique. I tried this for the first time with the coffee painting that I previously posted. Here, I drew the design out as kind of a sketch so that I could follow in the lines. After that was dry, I painted it and let it dry. Then I went over it again with the liquid leading to accent the parts I wanted. I am going to be using this technique moving forward. I think there are a lot of possibilities with it.

What are your newly discovered painting techniques?

This little beauty is also available for purchase on my Etsy shop:


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