Little bird paintings

I made these three paintings, not intending them to be a series but they all kind of work together and almost represent different seasons.


I actually made the little birds out of Sculpy clay and didn’t know what I was going to use them for. I had a glimmer of an idea to use them in a painting, but didn’t know what. They were all a blue color as well.

So, as I’m painting away on these trees, I look over at these little birds I’ve made and realize that Hey! Those are the perfect size for these trees! But they’re an ugly color and don’t match. Now what? Umm, ok, obviously I should paint them, right???? So paint them I did! I love how they turned out and work with the trees.


They still needed a little something so I wrapped them in twine and covered the backs in felt. Still needed something else. I then added the beads off the hanging cord and I think that just completes each one.

They are all available here:



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