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Thick paint/pallet knife painting

This is not a technique that I have tried myself, but I absolutely ADORE how it looks. In fact, I have a board on Pinterest that has a ton of this style of painting on it right here.


Embed from Getty Images


I’ve also been looking at a painting blog, and I love her stuff. It’s got flowers (which I love) and thick paint. Her site is Brush of Dawn, and you can find it here.

Embed from Getty Images


Usually, the paint that I choose to use are acrylics. I love them because of their versatility. You can thin it out to look like watercolors. You can glop it on thick to mimic oil paint. Or just use as it is, for opaque color.

Obviously as I have been raving about the Pebeo paints I’ve discovered, I have pulled away a bit from my acrylic love. I will go back to it.

What is your favorite medium to work with?





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