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Sweet art!

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I enjoy baking in my spare time, and I have a killer sweet tooth, so sweets themed paintings weren’t really too much of a leap for me. I started by thinking about what I liked to eat. I need to make some cookie ones, huh? Or I could go the healthy route and start doing some fruits and veggies. Well, maybe not veggies, fruit is so much better tasting in my book! Quick pause while I go write down some more ideas for myself!


I’ve been making these tiny paintings into magnets. Currently, I have pizza, coffee cups, doughnuts and pies. I have some cupcakes waiting to be painted as well.


So yesterday I started with a different subject. Still going to be made into magnets. I have flowers in vases waiting to be finished. I made four yesterday, and painted them all the same. I recently purchased two new colors. One is a brown, because it gets really tiresome to always have to mix a brown every time you need it. I also bought this really gorgeous apple green color. It’s the Vitrail one, so all it is, is plain color. No fancy prisme effects. It is such a vibrant, bright green that I just want to use it for a bunch of paintings now. Apples? Pears? (In keeping with a food theme). All that is left to do is put the magnets on the back and take some good pictures.


Speaking of good pictures, I bought this piece of cork the other day. I was looking for an interesting yet neutral kind of background for my finished pieces. I think it looks really good. It has the effect that I was going for. Not overwhelming, yet something different than just plain black or white. I also bought a piece of brown burlap type fabric. I might return it unless I can find a purpose for it. Maybe I’ll keep it for another background, but I’m very pleased with this cork. It’s just the right amount of unique I was looking for.


I guess that’s all for now. Feel free to comment, like and share this post! Thanks!


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