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Why dogs are like toddlers, and unfinished artwork.

We have two dogs. They are both rescues. We got the older one when he was about a year old. He is the smaller of the two , a terrier mix about 45 pounds. The second one is the younger, bigger one. We got him when he was a baby, and much younger than we were led to believe. He is a german shepherd mix and about 70 pounds.


I swear, it is seriously like having two small children around at all times. I can’t be the only one that feels this way. They’re adorable, but obnoxious.

They  are up at 6:00 a.m. or earlier wanting to eat. Usually, I’m the one who feeds our dogs every. single. day. of my life. This is really all right, since I’m up at this time to get ready for work. When it’s my day off, though, I do not want to be getting up that early. Man, I can hear them pacing outside my door some days, just waiting to hear some-any- kind of movement from inside my room. Once they do, it’s like the go ahead to yell (bark) at me and tell me they’re hungry NOW!

They cannot feed themselves. I mean, they can eat the food placed in front of them, just like a toddler can. As far as serving themselves, they obviously can’t handle that. Although, if they could, I think that my life would be a lot more difficult!!! I already have a teenage boy in the house. Can you even imagine how much food I’d go through if the two dogs could feed themselves?!


They get into EVERYTHING if you’re not careful, or they’re mad at you. These guys are generally well behaved while we’re gone. We leave them out, because it’s so much worse for us to try to crate them. They are both escape artists and it’s just easier to let them roam. We just shut the doors to the bedrooms and pick up any food that’s on the counters. The shepherd has a real love for bread. Everything has to go in the pantry cupboard or up on top of the refrigerator. They both have eaten and/or destroyed so many things over the years. So much food….bread, fresh baked apple fritter bread (I’m still bitter about this one!), steak (!!!), a computer power cord, electric blanket cord, lamp cord, rugs, their own crates, and the old sofa. SO MUCH DESTRUCTION! Not unlike a small terror of a child. I don’t remember my son causing so much destruction, but I’m sure between him and my step children there was a fair amount.

We finally got smart and locked the kitchen garbage can. The shepherd would dump it out and spread it all over the living room when he was mad at us, usually when he was not getting enough attention. It took some time before we decided that was the way to go. We don’t have very much space in our tiny kitchen, so we couldn’t put it in a cupboard like most people do. We tried turning it backwards, but that didn’t last long. We looked up dog proof garbage cans, but they are crazy expensive. I don’t know what made me even think of it, but I looked up something, I’m not even sure what, online and putting a lock on your own trash can is something that came up. Since my husband is handy, and we don’t need to be spending money on special places to put garbage, that’s the route we took. It works great, and as of right now, neither dog has figured out how to unlock it.


Dogs are also very needy attention hogs. Just like little kids. This is actually part of the reason that I love dogs, but at the same time, it can really be annoying. For example, as I’m sitting here trying to write all this, my dog (that’s the older, smaller one) has come up next to me on the couch and tried to lay his head on my keyboard here. I’m clearly not paying him as much attention as he would like. I had to push him out of the way, and while he was not too happy about it, he’s now just laying next to me. This one also sleeps in my bed with me most of every night. He generally leaves at some point in the middle of the night. Last night, there was no room for him, and boy oh boy was he mad! Growled at me when I tried to send him somewhere else to sleep.


Man, these guys are noisy too! If it’s not their toys, it’s them yelling at any person that walks by! Or someone down the street! Or a car that drives by!

I feel like I could just go on and on with this comparison. They feel sick and can’t tell you what’s wrong. They puke and you don’t know why. They get ear infections. They cost a small fortune with all their vet bills and special stuff they need. They leave a mess of toys and don’t pick them up.

But, I do love them so. When I get home from work, they both greet me at the door and they’re excited to see me (even if they only want a treat). They want to play. They’re excited when I wake up in the morning. They want to give me kisses and affection and snuggle. They are soft and comforting to pet. They are just so happy almost all the time. Did I mention how adorable they both are too?!


I really want to paint a nice picture of both of them. I mean, one picture of one, and one picture of the other. I’ve started on one. I really like how it’s turning out. I decided to do it in a complimentary color scheme. So my shepherd was going to be painted in a yellow and purple color scheme, and I was going to do the terrier in a blue and orange one. Here’s my problem…it’s like 85% done and I just can’t find the motivation to finish this darn thing. I don’t know why! I’ve been working on it off and on for two or three years now! Why! If I just sat down and worked on it consistently, the painting would be done. I like how it looks, I’ve got all my colors wrote down that I was using, a lot of the hardest parts are done I think. Well, I can always find more to do. So maybe it’s like 75% done. Still. Why can’t I find the motivation to finish this piece? I love my fur babies. I love painting. It shouldn’t be so complicated, right? It’s not even that big. It’s only 8″x10″.


What helps you guys find motivation? I could use some help with this. I want it done, just am finding it really hard to find the desire to get it done.

Please feel free to comment, like, follow and share! Thanks for reading!



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