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Pizza paintings!

I had so much fun making these!


I’ve only made three, but I would like to make more. I can’t even decide which one I like the best. They are all pretty much the same, except with different background colors.

I made these on my teeny, tiny canvas’s. I painted the backs and sides black. They came with this weird purple color. Then I attached a flat black magnet to the back.


It’s not a very attractive color. I needed to get rid of it. The center was going to be covered, so I didn’t waste my time painting it.

magnet back

See how nice that looks now?

In these three pizza pieces (pieces of pizza?!) I used my beloved Pebeo Fantasy Paints again. That cheese is a combination of three different colors. I just guessed the best that I could, and look how great that turned out!


I mean, it pretty much looks just like greasy cheese, doesn’t it? These paints, I’m telling you, they lend themselves to blending so well. All I did for some parts, was to dip a toothpick into my paint, and then dab it on, and the paint did the rest.

I set these up as an assembly line type deal. I drew the slices with the liquid leading, let it dry, and then painted all three slices, one right after the other. That way I could make sure they all looked the same. I drew each slice myself too. I did not create a stencil, and then trace it on all three surfaces. That might have been a good idea if it was a more intricate drawing, but I was pretty confident in my ability to draw the same thing more than once. It worked out pretty well.

But that is why in my Etsy listing ( I specifically say each one of these is an original painting, so therefore, each one is unique and slightly different.

Here’s a work in progress shot I took while I was painting the pizza slices.


I LOVE how reflective and shiny they are! Now, while these paints are wet, they are crazy high shine. When they dry, they are still shiny, but not blindingly so.

It’s just such a unique medium, I can’t get enough of it. What is unfortunate, is that it appears Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are both discontinuing the line. I just discovered them recently, so this is a real bummer. I found where to get them online, and I’ve bought quite a few on clearance, but I won’t be able to run to the store to grab them anymore.

I will keep having fun with these paints as long as I can!


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