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Thyme in Pebeo

Well, you know how I said I thought that I was going to do a whole series of herb paintings?

About that….

I think this might be my last one for a bit. I’m not sure if I’m actually bored with them, or if I just want to do something different for awhile.

I enjoyed painting these while I was doing them, but I’m ready for a different project now.

Same reference photo as used in the acrylic painting.


Then on with the sketch. I just drew it freehand. I thought about making a drawing and transferring it so that I would be able to make more if I decided to do so. Buuuttt I didn’t do that. One and done it is! I guess this way, each one is unique, yes?


I’m using a 6″ x 6″ canvas panel board for this painting. I like the sturdiness of it for this paint. Plus, I like the fact that you could just pop it into a frame. I have regular canvas. I’m going to try that eventually with these, but it’s been so long since I’ve worked on real stretched canvas, I’m not sure about it. Baby steps.

So then onto the liquid leading. Have I mentioned how tricky this stuff can be? You need a really steady hand. I have learned the hard way to try and only do small sections at a time. It’s hard to keep it coming out consistently the same thickness. You can get all kinds of blobs, and then to try and clean up the blobs so they look like lines is, well, not fun. I have kind of figured out a system for cleaning the blobs now, so it doesn’t look too terrible and I can cover them up with paint.


Those lines don’t look too bad! This brand of paint is a real process also, because after this step, sometimes I’m all excited to just get going and paint! This leading needs to dry! I let one piece dry just a couple hours before putting paint on the canvas, that seemed to work out all right, but I usually try and let it dry overnight that way I know it’s ready to go and won’t  bleed into my paint. Because, lets be honest, after all that tedious work drawing all these lines, to start to paint too early and have it bleed? The absolute worst! I would be so mad! So, better to just be safe and let it dry longer.


That looks really wet in this picture still. So, let it dry and then start adding paint!



I guess I forgot to take pictures of just the leaves being done. If anyone is interested in a materials list, let me know and I’ll start including them in my posts!


I absolutely adore how this paint makes little cells! Sometimes with certain colors, you can see them form right away, and some other colors, you have to wait a bit.



I only used four colors for this entire painting. Two on the leaves and two for the background. On certain things, I find that simpler is better. Although, these Pebeo Fantasy Paints do their own thing and create dimension, so more is not always better with them.

Here is the finished piece!


I have it listed for sale, I’m not planning on keeping it.×6

Final question: Would you readers be interested in a materials list for all my pieces? Please let me know!

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