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Snail #2

So far I’ve only drawn two snails.

Four ladybugs, two snails.

I had big plans, big plans. I was going to do four snails to go along with the amount of ladybugs. Then I got bored and wanted to do other things. Story of my creative life.

I am really glad to be back into colored pencils though. This has always been one of my favorite mediums to work with. I read an interview earlier on a colored pencil drawing Facebook page that I belong to. Basically what the artist was asked, was about why she enjoys working in colored pencil. Her response was essentially that she loved the variety of colors she could get, but enjoyed the control of a pencil.

That rings true for me as well.

As much as I gravitate towards expressionistic paintings, and pallet knife paintings, I can honestly say that is not my own personal creative style, and probably never will be. Some days I wish it were, but it’s a real struggle to make it happen. I guess everyone has their own style.

What I want to do, is just get better at what I’m doing. I know I’ve got it in me, but I need to keep practicing! Keep learning, keep getting better.

This snail might be my most favorite piece I’ve done lately.

Reference photo from Pixabay:


Here is my original sketch. I’m just sketching on the final piece of paper very lightly, and then lightening it even more with a kneaded eraser.



Some progress with base layers:

Then with the shell added:


Is that picture a bit blurry? Sorry, but you get the idea.

Here is my final picture next to my reference photo:


Materials used:

Strathmore drawing paper

2B pencil

kneaded eraser

Prismacolor Premier Pencils:

Burnt Umber 947; Burnt Ochre 943; Terra Cotta 944; Olive Green 911; Cream 914; White 938; Indigo Blue 901; Cool Grey 10% 1059; Goldenrod 1034; 50% Warm Grey 1054; 70% Warm Grey 1056; Jade Green 1021; Spring Green 913; Chartreuse 989; Grass Green 909; Ginger Root 1084; Putty Beige 1083; Sand 940.


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