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Top image credit: Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Fall is so full of inspiration! This image I’ve selected for the title image is what I love best about fall. The clear blue skies and the gorgeous changing leaves together. I can just feel the warm, yet crisp air. I want cider and doughnuts and Halloween! Apples and pumpkins and corduroy!

What I would really like to accomplish though, is to draw some really nice pictures that invoke all those feelings! So far I’ve completed one. One is better than none! You can check it out here, and even purchase a print if you like!

Embed from Getty Images

I had a bunch of images saved on my phone of fall scenes/images that spoke to me. Pictures that I thought I could translate to a drawing. I had a couple that I was really looking forward to putting my own spin on.

Embed from Getty Images

You know what I did?

I accidentally deleted all those beautiful photos off my phone!!!

Embed from Getty Images

I think my phone had put them in a “download” file and when I was going through my smart cleaning thing on the phone I deleted THE ENTIRE FILE. UGH!

So, now I have to start all over with this! I’m not sure the words I used for my searches, but I DO know that I spent a countless amount of time looking for ones that I felt I could do something with.

So, now the question(s) are: do I recreate that stash of photos right now? Do I just move on to what I want next? (It’s Halloween).

Embed from Getty Images

I’ll tell you one thing that I already did. I lost some photos of bees inside flowers that my dad had taken in my parents backyard. He sent them to me, I’m sure, because I’ve gotten back in to my art. Lost those too! He resent them to me and I MADE SURE that I created a new folder and MADE SURE that it was stored on my SD card and not to the phone itself and then I went and put all those pictures there.

I don’t suppose it would take me a ton of time to recreate my reference photo collection. I’d probably find plenty more along the way.

What a bummer though! I did have quite a bit of time invested in that!

<a href="">Recreate</a>



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