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Apples in Basket

Well, it has definitely been quite a while since I’ve posted anything. Summer has been fun, lazy and busy all at the same time.

I’ve been working on this picture off an on for a while. I had a commission I was doing while also trying to finish this.

I’m using Strathmore Colored Pencil Paper, which I’ve only just recently discovered. I like the tooth of the paper as well as the fact that it appears to be a true white. I’ll post my list of colors at the end of the post, it’s quite extensive.


So, above here is my reference photo from Pixabay.  Below is my original sketch.


After this piece, I’ve decided to draw my first sketch on sketchbook paper and then transfer it to my final paper. With the smaller, less detailed drawings, like the snails (hereand here) and ladybugs (here), I don’t think that it mattered much. Now that I’m trying to take on bigger/more detailed works I think it’s in my better interest to do it this way.


Here is the very beginning of adding some color.



Lots of pencils!


Starting the basket. This was really tricky, because I wanted to show the texture of the woven basket, but I really didn’t want to try to draw every single little line. I like to give the impression of the texture without being completely realistic about it.

The same goes for the wood here. I want you to know that it’s wood, and show you that there is texture there, but not be detailed about it all. I like realism, but not hyper realism. I think I’m achieving my goals in that sense.


I don’t plan out my pictures very much, as in just how I’m going to create the look I want, until I get to that point.



I eliminated a lot of the extras from the reference photo.

This is now available for purchase as a matted or un-matted print here.

Ready for the giant list of colored pencils used??? Here it is!

These are all Prismacolor Premier:

blush pink 928; jasmin 1012; magenta 930; deco peach 1013; chartreuse 989; mulberry 995; spring green 913; dark green 908; indigo blue 901; light umber/light brown; lemon yellow 915; pink/rose 929; yellow chartreuse 1004; 70% warm grey 1056; 20% warm grey 1051; crimson red 924; lilac; violet 932; carmine red 926; dark umber/burnt umber 947; yellowed orange 1002; peacock blue 1027; light aqua 992; cool grey 10% 1059; cold grey light 967; 70% cool grey 1065; cold grey dark 965; 50% cool grey 1063; 20% cool grey 1060; white 938; cerulean blue; 50% warm grey 1054; black 935; 20% french grey 1069; dark purple 931; warm grey very light 964; 70% french grey 1074; 50% french grey 1072 and grass green 909.



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