colored pencil, drawing


So as I wads looking through all my photos for the ones to use for this post, I realized I really didn’t take any work in progress shots for this!


So I have a few as well as a list of the pencils that I used so I suppose this will just be an incredibly short post.


This is my reference picture from Pixabay.

Here are the only two work in progress shots I have!


Maybe I was just so into this that I didn’t want to stop. I do recall starting AND finishing this one evening after I had worked all day, so that is very possible.


This is available as a matted or un-matted print here.

All colors are Prismacolor.

Indigo blue 901; violet 932; tuscan red 937; white 938; black 935; olive green 911; crimson red 924; pink 929; crimson lake 925; orange 918; putty beige 1083; process red 994; poppy red 922.


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