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Green Pepper

I need to go back and add something to this.

The colors that are in the shadow under the pepper should be IN the pepper itself. The darks are not dark enough, if that makes sense. Fellow artists, you understand.

So, while I have work in progress shots of this piece, and I’ve signed it and all, I don’t consider it done. That is why I haven’t made any prints of it, or put it up for sale in my shop.

But I haven’t gone back to finish it either. Add it to the someday pile.

I do remember the day that I drew this. It was sunny, maybe 75/80 degrees outside with just a slight breeze. I sat outside at the patio table with my pencils and some music. Sat and just drew and enjoyed the day.


Patio table in the background there of this sketch. I don’t have a copy of the reference photo I used for this.


I also didn’t write down any of the colors that I used. I believe I did this piece before I started writing what pencils I used down.

One thing about working outside in the sun. While I really enjoyed being out there, and the natural light, I found it was a lot harder to distinguish what colors I needed. So as much fun as that afternoon was, I don’t think that I will be doing that again anytime soon. I can see the colors that I need so much better sitting at a table inside. I’m better able to see all the little highlights and low lights that I need, and I think I get a better final piece as a result of that.


Thanks for reading!


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