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Rooster Commission

This is probably the project I was working on when I stopped sharing on here. I did this way back in July/August 2017 for an acquaintance. He had asked me not to share it anywhere on social media until he had gifted it to his friend. Obviously, I respected his wishes. After that, I think that I just kind of drifted away from here.

This was gifted in late September, I believe. I did share it on my Facebook page at that point. I never shared any work in progress shots though, because of the secrecy of the gift! So now I’m here to do that!

I was given some reference images in the style that my friend liked. He also requested certain elements be there, the fleur-de-lis and the arch. It was kind of a challenge figuring out where to fit those things in and not make it look weird! I had the idea to make the fleur-de-lis colored as trees in the background. I thought the shape lent itself well to that idea. I was struggling with how to work the arch in, and it was actually my son that suggested making it into the hill. PERFECT!







The final piece was sprayed with workable fixatif, matted in a black mat and given to my friend to give as a gift. The picture size is 5×7, matted to 8×10.

Really like how this one turned out!


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