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How do you get ideas?

How does one generate ideas for the next project?

I’m honestly asking.

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I need an idea for my next colored pencil piece. I’m considering doing my dogs, either together or one at a time. I know my husband would be thrilled if I did. I see so much beautiful animal work in a colored pencil group that I’m part of on Facebook, it’s a little intimidating.

I know the more I draw, the better I get. That’s evident to me just since I’ve picked up my pencils again about a year ago. Just check out my ladybug pictures (here) to the rooster I just posted.

But how do I decide what to do next? How do you get your ideas?

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I feel like this is what my brain looks like sometimes! I have way too many ideas sometimes that it’s hard to decide, and then other times, nada, nothing. The struggle is real. Haha!

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