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Creative Pencil Storage

I needed a new way to store my colored pencils other than the boxes they came in. Now, the tins that the Prismacolor pencils come in are pretty nice. They have trays with spaces for each pencil. But, for me, it’s not very user friendly. I had to take everything out and spread it all around just to find what I was looking for. Every. Single. Time.

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Plus, I had just bought myself a new set, and had asked for the big set of 150 for Christmas, so I knew that I needed a better way.

I scoured Pinterest and finally found something that appealed to me, and how I wanted to use my pencils! I found this post: . The one I ended up using was almost at the very end of the article.

I wanted to be able to sort my pencils by color family, and to have a separate section for the ones I was using for a current project. I figured out how many sections I wanted, and asked my husband for help in finding the pieces to make this.

We found a lazy susan at Target for about $12. We bought the piping in the plumbing section of Home Depot. We didn’t buy one big piece and cut it down, but bought separate pieces. My husband cut a small block of wood for the center, to elevate the middle pipe pieces. The pieces are a couple different sizes, and for some reason I have so many blues that I needed two sections just for them!

I used this fantastic glue to hold everything in place:


This is the final result, and I’ve used it for my past two projects and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!



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