colored pencil


I started this piece in October 2017. I had intended it to be done and photographed and up on my Etsy page with prints to sell in October.

That definitely DID NOT happen.

I have the best intentions when I start a new project, but life gets in the way and I struggle with prioritizing my art.


I have been using a grid again to make sure my drawing is accurate. I prefer this method for now. I have an app that will overlay a grid on your reference photo. It’s pretty awesome! I should draw myself a master grid and just make copies of that from now on as well! I have been working with the same sizes, so this actually is a really good idea, now to just remember to do that the next time!

Some progress photos. I sometimes head into a new drawing and just assume I’ll figure things out as I go, and this was no different. I layered colors down for the moon and then went over them all with a different lighter color. The only thing I wish I had done differently, would have been to leave more areas white. I did put some highlights in with a white gel pen, it looks pretty good in the prints I had made.

All of the black is not really black. In fact, I didn’t use black in this piece at all. I layered purple and dark blue over and over.

For the background, I layered all the colors I wanted, then I went over the entire thing with 50% cool grey. The result is a very subtle blend of colors.


The finished piece is 5″ x 7″. I have prints available in my Etsy shop, here:

All pencils are Prismacolor Premier or Berol Prismacolors:

1072, 965, 905, 931, indigo blue, 938, 1027, cerulean blue, 1074, 911, 921, 994, 932, 1063 and 1008.

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