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Apples in Basket

After the rooster, I wanted to try something a little more detailed. I found this picture on Pixabay, and decided to try drawing it.


This was one of those pictures that I walked away from so many times, it became a real struggle to finish it!

I am really glad I made myself finish this, because I learned a few things from this one. For one thing, I learned that if I spend too much time away from a project, that it loses it’s appeal. I learned that I enjoy trying to create different textures. I learned how to make this kind of blended background. I also took a few artistic liberties and eliminated some things from the original picture. I didn’t want to attempt to draw that fence this time, or all the blurry background leaves. The basket was the most challenging part of this colored pencil drawing. Just trying to keep the structure as well as the texture of it was incredibly difficult. It definitely tried my patience.


None of my pictures have been very big. I’m working on 5×7 Strathmore colored pencil paper.

Once I got to the wood deck, I figured that out as I went. Honestly, I’m not sure if everyone works this way or not, but I tend to figure out how I’m going to draw something when I get there. So here is my start on the wood.


Obviously, there is room to improve, but overall, I really like how certain parts of this turned out. Especially the wood.


All pencils used are either Berol Prismacolor or Prismacolor Premier.

928, 1012, 930, 1013, 989, 995, 913, 908, 901, light umber, 915, 929, 1004, 1056, 1051, 924, lilac, 932, 926, 947, 1002, 1027, 992, 1059, 967, 947, 1065, 965, 1063, 1060, 938, cerulean blue, 1054, 935, 1069, 931, 964, 1074, 1072, 909.


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