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Have You Used Black Drawing Paper?

Have any of you used black drawing paper?

I’m always looking for fun, new art supplies. I saw this paper at Michaels, and then on a few of the colored pencil Facebook pages that I belong to. I see it sometimes on Pinterest as well, and it’s usually used with colored pencils. Right now, colored pencil art is my current obsession. I’ve always been partial to graphite, with colored pencil and acrylics a close second. Now, I haven’t done a graphite pencil drawing in years, but have picked up both my paints and my colored pencils again. You can always check out what I’m currently up to by following me on Instagram. (click here).

I like to see what everyone else uses for their art.  This black paper intrigued me and it seemed like it would be fun to play with, so I asked for some for this past Christmas.

I’m a bit ashamed to say that I’ve played with it only one time, and did two tiny little drawings. I had read a short excerpt of an article, and they had two different approaches. One was to layer a white base before adding color. The other was to just add color directly to the paper. Here is my tiny experiment:


I can totally tell that the color pops more with the white under layer in spots.

Now I’m not sure what to do next with it.

I just looked up “black colored pencil paper” on Pinterest and found a few promising things. Here is a short flower tutorial I found:

It appears that this article uses color directly on the paper, no lighter colored base layer. The next link here shows a white base layer, and then the colors layered on top of that.

This might be a bit better for the step by step aspect of it all:

If you follow my artistic endeavors at all, then you know that I do a lot of nature themed work. What should I try to draw on this paper? A flower like the first tutorial? Or something entirely different?

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