Welcome! My name is Jenny and I really want to talk about art and the creative process, inspiration, and what I’m currently into.

I have always been creative. I took many art classes in and out of school. I went on to study graphic design for a couple of years before making some decisions that led me away from that path.

I have discovered I enjoy many things that let me be creative, like painting, cooking, baking and making decorations for my home. I love to make things with my own hands and bring an idea to life. I like to explore different mediums, but I always go back to painting.

I plan to use this blog mainly to showcase my artwork and talk about it. I don’t have a ton of people to discuss art with so I’m hoping that this blog will open me up to like minded people. I do have many other interests, mostly all on the creative end of things, so ALL my posts won’t be about art. But a lot will.

Please join me and let’s have some fun!

Create. Always.


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